Thursday, February 28, 2008

White Ministers Can't Hate

A great piece over at Salon on the double standard involving, shall we say, controversial men of the cloth. The summary: Obama has to "reject and denounce" Farrakan, a man he has never met. Yet Bush, McCain and Giuliani, stand on the same stage and hug Hagee, Robertson, et. al, and yet never receive the Russert grilling. Greenwald, the author, offers a few statements by these eminent theologians that are just as troubling as those of Farrakhan, e.g., gays caused Katrina, Muslims are programmed to kill, etc.

Why no rejecting and denouncing on the Right?

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Vigilante said...

You nailed it once again. Russert is corrupt. Enough that he should move to Fox. I spent an hour trying to figure out how to You-Tube that Hagee introduction of McCain. That's priceless! On McCain's own site!