Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grammys 2008

I'm sitting watching the Grammys, and it's a mixed bag. It's Tina Turner and Beyonce doing Proud Mary at the moment. Have I mentioned how much I *heart* Tina Turner? She is 69 years old and damn if she isn't still a firecracker. I don't think 69 is that old, but to be moving like she's moving and still sounding like she's sounding is something to see at any age.

Earlier in the show they did a tribute to The Beatles, with Ringo, Yoko, Mrs. Harrison and somebody else for Paul perhaps? in the audience. The tribute involved what I thought was some cockamamy interpretive dance but turns out to have been inspired by the movies "Love" and "Across the Universe," both of which featured (or were about) Beatles music. As I was trying to make sense of the performance I said out loud, "Damn. You know something is bizarre when Yoko is sitting in her seat looking like, 'what the hell is this weird performance-art crap?'"

Now it's the Foo Fighters who ordinarily aren't my scene but who are just totally rocking the house. But, again, they have John Paul Jones ("from Led Zeppelin" added to the script for the kids watching at home) conducting the orchestra backing the band. It's just this whole very obvious attempt to be all, "Look! The Grammys respect Tradition While Honoring Innovation!" It just kind of reeks of effort, much like that ill-advised MTV pairing of Martha Stewart with Ol' Dirty Bastard back in the '90's.

Anyway, I'm off to do something productive. Like pray the writer's strike really, really ends soon.

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