Wednesday, February 27, 2008

That is (Hazel)Nuts!

From our friends across the pond, an article regarding Nutella, that most delicious of delectable and devilish food products:

A TV advert for Nutella has been withdrawn after the advertising watchdog ruled it exaggerated the hazelnut spread's nutritional value. The commercial showed several mothers giving their children Nutella on toast with a voiceover saying it could be part of a balanced breakfast. But it was pulled to be amended following 53 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). Manufacturers Ferrero UK said it took advice from independent nutritionists. The commercial included a voiceover saying: "Surprisingly, each jar contains 52 hazelnuts, the equivalent of a glass of skimmed milk and some cocoa." We think it is highly irresponsible of Nutella to imply that their spread is healthier than it actually is...That would also mean consuming over 100g of sugar, even for the smallest jar of Nutella," she added. The ASA ruled the commercial misleadingly implied that the spread made a more significant nutritional contribution to a balanced breakfast than was the case.

Nutella is the single most decadent and delicious thing I have ever eaten in my entire life. As a kid in Scotland we'd get it as a special treat, and damn, I remember every single time like it was yesterday. Folks, if you haven't tried Nutella you really, really should. If you have, then you already know that no one--adult OR child--should be eating that stuff for breakfast! Let's review: it's hazelnut-chocolate spread. What about that says "Ah yes, let's put it on my kid's toast"? There are 100 calories per tablespoon in Nutella, half of them fat (and from personal experience I'm just gonna say that a person can go through a tablespoon pretty easily, until you realize you're on tablespoon number 5 and hell, that could have been some pepperoni pizza for that kind of caloric investment). So unless you are preparing for a role in Bridget Jones or to be the next Rulon Gardner, you need to love the Nutella, but keep that mess in the cupboard for special occasions. And, Ferrero, you should NOT be implying it has as much calcium as skim milk unless you also add, "...If you consume the entire 1,000 calorie jar."

Or, in other words, I thank you for the joy in my heart Nutella, but I do not thank you for the jiggle in my ass.


Geoff said...

The stuff is practically like peanut butter - except for the fact it doesn't actually taste like ass.

There's a bit of truth to the health benefits of Nutella though. You don't need much to make toast taste good, and if you're a picky bugger like I am, there are few other ways you're going to get me to eat whole wheat bread.

Still though, to imply it's "healthy" rather than "not ALL bad" is a bit reckless. But hey. People have been doing it for years with herbal supplements. What's a little fast and loose with the truth anyway?

Anonymous said...

Are hazelnuts safe for kids? I thought you weren't supposed to even introduce peanut butter until, what, age 3/4 because of possible allergies, etc.?

Nutella is FABULOUS on fresh strawberries...