Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mitt Romney Likes Himself

Just a mini-post today since I've been battling to keep a migraine at bay since last night. But I just have to say this (hat tip to JulieG for making me look): Mitt Romney is potentially the most self-satisfied man I've ever heard speak. First with the statement that his 5 sons are engaged in public service to America by campaigning for him. And now, that only his departure from the race can stop America's descent into terror. WTF? I know a lot of people are focusing on the fact that he implied that we'd surrender to terror if either Hillary or Obama won. What struck me more was his sense that somehow he had a role to play in this one way or the other. The man was not going to win, not after Tuesday. And for the love of God, the wheels of American democracy would continue to turn even with Romney competing with McCain. I'm agreeing with JulieG that perhaps Ole Mitt has his sights set on being VP. Why? Because surely no reasonable person would want THAT to be the speech by which they bid a final adieu to public life.


drousman said...

Other than the terror comment (you think he had to pay George W. royalties on that?) it was the smarmy smile while the crowd was cheering him that sent me over the edge. However, I am sad because I really think he'd have been a lot easier to beat in Nov than McCain who's got more going for him than a fat checkbook and a gumby-ish ability to adjust to any position. But, VP really is a better role for him as it would likely keep him shut up in a corner.

cocoT said...

I don't see him playing nice in the second seat...for anyone. I think the speech about saving us all from doom was meant to help him set the stage for an "Aw shucks, I did everything I could but we still lost - good thing I'll be here to save 2012!"

Joe Tornatore said...

i agree. He may have out his catcher's MITT, ready to play hard ball for VP.