Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Gomez For Super Tuesday

It's officially Super Tuesday! I'm waiting to see how super it turns out to be. I obviously have my preference with which I will refrain from bludgeoning you. (GObama '08!) The following song by Gomez helps to sum up where I am with regard to the choices in this Democratic primary. As much as I support Obama, I truly wish that Bill Clinton had not injected himself into the race in the time, place and manner that he did, because in doing so he completely solidified in my mind why a vote for Senator Clinton is a vote to send them BOTH back to the White House. As I've analogized before, Bill Clinton emodies all the characteristics of the charming rakish old boyfriend whose charms are best enjoyed nostalgically. You look back and think, "we had some great times" but you know that, in the final analysis now that you are older and wiser, he really did treat you like shit and you are ashamed you put up with it all for so long. Bill personifies feelings I really don't want to feel about politics anymore. I'm looking for something more transcendent, more positive, more hopeful. He used to be that guy, back in 1992. A Place Called Hope. Now, for me, it's time to move away from one man or one place representing hope, and toward a movement that sees hope as the power and the willingness to believe again in ourselves and in our nation.

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Nick said...

Love the song, love your thoughts about it.