Sunday, February 03, 2008

What? Is the FCC Too Busy Keeping Me Safe From Areolas?

The Super Bowl is still ongoing but I'm too pissed off to really enjoy it. Did you guys see the salesgenie ads? You know, the racist ones? I was aghast at the first one wherein Indian accents are mocked. I was thinking, "that is the most racist commercial I've seen in a long time!" Until, that is, the second one aired with pandas running a bamboo furniture business talking all "so velly solly!" This from a company founded by Vin Gupta. Self hater, perhaps? Or perhaps he's hoping to generate "buzz" for his company via low-brow, no-wit racism? Either way, it's a company I'd like to see go under from--irony!--a lack of sales leads.

And, either way, how does that kind of sh*t get on the air? Isn't the FCC supposed to fine the networks for content of an offensive nature? If only Gupta's company had run an ad with the panda's tits hanging out, then we'd have been spared this piece of garbage.

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Anonymous said...

We had the exact same reaction!! Seriously thought we must have been watching Superbowl III -- from 1969. What the hell?! -J&E W.