Monday, February 11, 2008

Bambina Abbondanza

Oh my goodness. So much Bambina bounty to share. She's "almost four!" so we are being treated to a new round of opinions, thoughts, behaviors and attitudes on issues big and small.

On weddings:
At her preschool they learn about various Judaic traditions and ceremonies. Apparently they are currently discussing weddings. Last week she put a fitted sheet over her head as a veil/dress and then put her horse jockey goggles on and announced, "I'm getting married! Don't you love my dress?!" I said I did love her dress, but what were the goggles for? "For the mess that comes after the wedding." True 'dat.

On brides and grooms:
So what does the bride do? "She stands around and yells at people that they're not doing stuff right." And what does the groom do? "He doesn't do anything." And what of the vows? "They make a promise to each other: I promise not to kiss you ever!" Mental note to check in with school on curriculum development...

On babies:
"Mama? When babies come out, do the mommies have big holes left in their tummies?" Oh crap; I'm not prepared for this. Hmm. "Well, sweetie, babies don't actually come out of the tummy itself. They come out of the mommy's vagina." Horrified look followed by blank stare as she looks down to do the math. I add, "it gets bigger just for that day." "Oh. Okay. Coz that would not be good if it stayed small!" No indeed.

On mommies tummies, specifically mine:
"Mama. I came out of your tummy?" "No, sweet girl, you came out of your Chinese Mother's tummy. Remember?" Silence. "I wish I came out of your tummy." Rapid brain scan for all readings and research on this topic since 2005..... "I wish that too, my love. But becoming your Mama just the way it happened makes me super happier than anything in the whole world." Little smile, followed by "Me too." And just as I am warmed up and ready to chat more about this expected but always surprising-in-the-moment subject matter--moment over: "Let's read Fancy Nancy!"

On Chinatown:
She loves going to Chinatown. Loves the candy store, loves the fans. Loves the dim sum. Loves the big gate and the bamboo that is inexplicably growing in a New England climate. Yesterday when we asked her if she'd like to give me a driving tour of Chinatown she jumped up and yelled, "Yes! I want to go! Chinatown makes my heart happy!" So off we went. Next weekend is the big new year's parade with the dragon, so she's completely stoked for that. And as soon as I am better she says that we are going to spend the whole day there eating dim sum and candy. I say that makes my heart *very* happy.


Ken said...

#1 and #2 double-teamed me with such questions on a recent drive. "Where do babies come from? Where do they come out?"

I responded with the one correct answer:

"Ask your mother."

Which they did. She did about as well as I would have.

Miko said...

C. and M's daughter got fascinated with China for a while when she noticed that most of her toys were made there. "They must really love children in China because they make so many toys."

The age your daughter is at is without a doubt, the most fluidly creative and magical age. Have fun!

Miko said...

Oh, but that doesn't come near to topping what I heard from another friend recently. She married early and had a kid with her husband, but she and her son's father divorced when the son was about 8 - he's 12 now. And as they were in the middle of the 2-hour drive to drop him off at his dad's for vacation week, he idly wondered, "Mom, have you ever had sex?"