Monday, February 25, 2008

The Clothes Do Not Make the (Wo)Man

UPDATE: Apparently it was the HRC campaign that sent out the emails and pics. What a shocker.

Let us prepare to contend with Outrage! Disgust! Indignation! as photos of "Obama Wearing Muslim Garb During Visit to Kenya" hit the web. Why would anyone wear a traditional outfit from his ancestral homeland if he wasn't a closeted Muslim, right? And what kind of patriotic American with pretenses to the Oval Office would ever consider putting on such a ridiculous (and evil?) outfit?!

What kind of American would wear another nation's traditional dress as a sign of respect, I ask you! The mind boggles at the temerity of such a person.

Oh. Er, I mean, er, such cultural sensitivity is admirable in a Commander In Chief...

I could post photo after photo, but I will stop at this one. By far the best evidence that an outfit can give an erroneous impression:


Emily said...

Thank you, E, for this post, especially for the photos and your perfect (and wickedly accurate!) final riposte!

Vigilante said...

I'll be linking to this!