Thursday, February 21, 2008

For My Father

We still miss you, JP. Two years later, and we laugh again, we feel joy again. Always followed by, "But how much better it would be with Dad here." I see you in the three of us, your kids, in whom you live on. I see you during my runs and walks when I (still) have conversations with you in my head about matters great and small. And I see you in Bambina, when she wants to know what "freebies" I've brought home from the doctor's office and when she wants to keep a piece of trash "for a project." The girl loves her freebies and her junk, just like her Bumpa.

This is for you, Dad. I decided to go for the old movie camera look, just like the old reels we used to watch when we were kids. Turns out that once you stream it, it looks slackass anyway. So. It's a little less schmancy than I originally created, but since 1GB is the limit I had to tone down my amazing techno effects and do the bare bones movie. But you'll be pleased to know that the special effects at the end were free. :) I hope it meets your ultimate standard: "A Good Job Well Done And Cheap Too!"


nm in mn said...

Well done E. He would have loved it.

nm in mn said...

(just don't let him catch you sitting on the bed. You'll end up with a fat ass)

Vigilante said...

A job well done.

Emily said...

What a wonderful tribute, E. Listening and watching, my heart and my eyes overflowed.