Thursday, February 22, 2007

What Do We Want? Barfing! When Do We Want It? Now!
That's the site for a fundraiser being held by a group of high school students in Maryland. It involves eating a burrito then immediately running a mile for charity.
That's the newspaper article detailing how some parents consider eating a burrito and then running a mile for charity to be dangerous.

I could be wrong (whaaat?!), but I'm thinking that banning a burrito mile fundraiser is a sign of the nanny state apocalypse. Maybe we shouldn't let high schoolers run at all lest they get hit by cars, sprain their ankles, or develop dangerous knee injuries. Maybe we should ban burritos, running or no. They contain quite a bit of fat perhaps, and what if someone flicked a lighter at the very moment one of those guys let one loose from the pinto beans? That's also dangerous. Yep. I'm convinced. Both running AND burritos should be banned lest any of our precious, precious children encounter any injury, any difficulty, and--oh I don't know--any FUN--while doing something for charity.

Who's with me? Who will stand with me in defense of our kids? We can't have adolescents hoping for nothing more than a little dry heaving for the sake of kids with leukemia, can we?

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Raine said...

We're going to protect kids to death.

I guess that means it's up to us to protect the kids from those who are trying to protect the kids. But then, who's protecting the kids from us?

I think... I think that was my brain exploding inside my skull cavity.