Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ice Ice Baby

So the snowstorm of the century has turned into the Ice Storm Pain in the A** of the Decade. Not enough snow to be fun, too much ice at this point to be safe. Bah.

One small glimmer of humor in the whole thing is this:

No, you are not misreading that yardstick. It does indeed reflect about one inch. Which makes one wonder why such a piece of non-news made it onto the WaPo's web site. Oh yeah, because it's the WASHINGTON Post, and one inch of icy snow does indeed close the federal government.

To be fair, it is quite icy outside now, at almost midnight, many hours after that photo was taken. There definitely will be good reason to stay off work tomorrow, if for no other reason than to let DC and MD's grand total of, say, 30 plows and snow trucks get the roads in some kind of traveling shape for Thursday. My only complaint about snow days here is that you get the day off work, you think you'll lounge around and finally get to watch The View and Oprah and The Price Is Right; but what you get is Round-The-Clock-Team-Seven-On-Your-Side-StormCenter-News-You-
Can-Use-Coverage that pre-empts any mind candy worth watching on a cold, wet, icy day.

Now THAT'S something I wish Rosie O'Donnell would rant about.

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Anonymous said...

Silly Haggis. That's what Netflix is for!