Friday, February 23, 2007

Obama Rising

How else to explain the Clinton campaign's focus on him regarding support from David Geffen, of all people? Like, how "inside baseball" could a snit be? Oh, it seems like it's relevant: "politics of personal destruction" blah blah blah. But it's really not. Someone few average Americans have heard of, who supports Obama, said some unflattering things about Clinton (a person he formerly supported). She wants a retraction from Obama for what his supporter said, a supporter who used to be hers. It sounds like a messy breakup, to be honest. And yet her campaign picks THIS as the fight they want to take to the streets?

That screams of "amateur politics" at best and "reasons why she's unelectable" at worst. Perhaps they thought that by calling Obama out they'd get him off-message, try to remove some of the angelic glow from his halo in the eyes of voters (Headline: Obama in a snit with Hillary!). Perhaps. But, to my mind, she has simply raised Barack Obama to the level of an equal, something she can't have wanted to do.

Now, anyone who is questioning my Clinton bona fides can pound sand, because it's a terribly-kept secret that I LOVED Bill Clinton. Still love Bill Clinton. Will never be ashamed to have supported Bill Clinton. He was a good President, if a not-so-good husband. However, I'm just not feeling it for Hillary Clinton. Those days are over and I'm not feeling drawn to wanting them back. One reason is something a friend mentioned, which is the concern for our democracy when, over 26 years, members of two families have held either of the nation's two highest offices. If HRC wins, it will be 32 years of either Bush (VP and POTUS) or Clinton in the White House, and something just seems not right, not American about that. Another reason is that I personally have had my fill of a "decisive" president who does what he wants no matter what the evidence to the contrary. Something tells me, based on this Obama Drama alone, that perhaps their personalities (but not their intellects, mind you) are a bit too similar for my comfort.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Well, I think I like the phrase "Obama Drama".

Vigilante said...

Obama might be too smart to be a good president. Just like Bill Clinton, he might get bored with the job and cook up his own excitement. That's the only thing I can think of as a reason not to support him. So, consider me a 99% Obama-Head.