Thursday, February 01, 2007

Latest Bambina Bon Mots

Mama: How many legs does Henry the Octopus have?
Bambina: Too many!

Mama: Bambina, mama has to go potty; I'll be right back.
Bambina: Mama not use little potty. Mama use big potty. Mama have big bum.

Mailman: And how are you today, sweetheart?
Bambina: Me have bagina!
(After a discussion about why boys stand up to pee and mama and Bambina sit down/what makes a girl not a boy, etc. She apparently couldn't wait to share the news...)

There are more, but I think I'll have sufficiently emotionally scarred her when she reads that last one as an adolescent, that my work here today as an embarrassing mother is done.

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St said...

Forbid, we make the mistakes of former generations by skipping over the vagina thus making it something of shame. Oh the cringing I felt giving those first toddler baths where I knew if we were going to name the body parts we were washing we had to name them all, and with the correct terms no less! It was nice when she started saying "Gina" (not like Davis, like end of vagina) Only then in turned into "giant" and NO babysitter knows what to do when a 3 year old says her giant hurts. ;)