Friday, February 09, 2007

F^&%$# Good Work, John Edwards!

A great post over at MyDD on the John Edwards '08 blogger flap. Which, if you haven't heard, centered on his newly-hired campaign staffers who are former bloggers with rather colorful written records. Some of their stuff was objectionable to me personally, as well as not very well written, but the Malkins of the rightwingworld were demanding they be fired for having been smut-mouthed morons. I was watching and waiting to see what Edwards would do, and I'm glad he's keeping them on.

Maybe because it gives other smut-mouthed morons like me hope that we are still employable by someone somewhere...

Oh--and maybe because we already have "major league a*&hole" PROOF POSITIVE that being a smut-mouthed moron is no impediment to the White House.


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