Thursday, December 14, 2006

World's Tallest Man Saves Dolphins

That headline makes you think that something dirty or nefarious or play-on-wordy actually took place. Like, did a large player save the Miami football team's bacon in a recent game? Did someone take a Parade Magazine-worthy photo of some cute critter and put this curious tagline on it? Did the person mean "world's tallest" as in "America's tallest" in the same way we pronounce the Denver Broncos World Champions after the Super Bowl even when I KNOW they haven't played against any teams from Dubai or Italy? Or how we have the World Series, when I've yet to see a Japanese team on the play list? Like how we throw around the phrase "world champion scrapbooker" or whatever in the sense of "because no other countries give a cr*p."

What makes this article funny to me is that the link genuinely does just tell you the story of how the world's tallest man saved dolphins. Go Figure.

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