Monday, December 11, 2006

Famous Famous Last Last Words

Did I say Monday? I meant Tuesday. Or so I found out today. The good news is that my raging temperature is gone and I am now actually feeling like eating, even if it means having hospital food.

Seriously, I think the rock-star status of the physicians is in direct inverse proportion to the heinousness of the culinary offerings. Truly terrible stuff. And remember that I grew up eating Scottish food, so I know from terrible stuff.

My favorite item so far? The "vegetable medley with broiled red potatoes." Sounds nice, which is why I selected it. What I got? Carrot coins, cut-up broccoli STEMS (not a floret/nary a wee tree in the bunch), and boiled-to-within-an-inch-of-their-lives potatoes. Yummy. Along with "lemon glazed chicken" that I had not ordered. They must have figured I'd erred in not selecting an "entree" item, never imagining that I'd sooner drink Boost than eat institutionally-prepared Salisbury steak.

Anyhoo. I'm off back to my room. Why? A) Because this is a public computer so I've got to share, B) I've got to go bleach my hands from using a public computer, and C) I've been on massive antibiotics for about 48 hours, so my, um, er, "digestive tract" is playing "fast and loose." KnowhutI'msayin?

Good thing I didn't have the Salisbury steak...

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