Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Out of Commission for 2006

Hey alll, The (suave, dashing) Baby Daddy is posting this for me since I am once again trapped in a wi-fi-less hospital for the time being.

I feel kind of like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, in that scene where "Ned Ryerson" says "o - and watch out for that puddle! It's a DOOZY!" just as Murray steps in it up to his knees.

Same story - definitely stepping in something - different day unforunately. I hope to be out before New Year's Eve (Hogmanay - the biggest day on the Scottish calendar - for those of you in the know); but if not, I will be setting up a wine bar directly beneath my IV pole.

You're invited!

Serioudly, however, I'm hoping and praying for a leave of absence from what appears to be my ongoing Tour of Hospital ERs. If you have a minute, I wouldn't mind having your hopes and prayers added to mine as we head into 2007.

In the meantime, if anyone wants to Guest Post on the Haggis just the say the word and the floor is yours.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Love, E, Your Friendly Neighborhood Haggis

* News flash: this just in: we have received word from the Haggis that the "Hottie Nurse" from last year came by for a visit - all dolled up in his military dress.


Vigilante said...

There's always something about a uniform, huh, E?

Vigilante said...

E, It was great to hear your voice on the voice mail last night. Take strength from your readers' need to have you back. Take your time regaining health coming back, but not too much time, okay?