Friday, December 15, 2006

Yuletide Greetings from Fluffy!

Received a holiday card in the mail from an acquaintance yesterday that I now feel terribly guilty for thinking was a joke.

It was one of those rectangular kodakgallery photo cards with the following photos:

1. Sender's house all lit up for the holidays, a la Danny DeVito's recent movie wherein he wants his house to be seen from space.
2. One tabby cat with a santa hat on.
3. One cat snuggled up under the tree.
4. Another cat on a daybed featuring faux Laura Ashley holly/berries cushions and draping.

The inscription? Merry Christmas from (names changed) "Bonnie, Stuart, Fluffy, Mr. Nibbles and Lil Whiskers!!!" Three exclamation points included. Was I wrong to think this was a humorous poke at cheesy people who can't wait to put their pets in seasonal attire? Does anyone think this is really real?

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