Thursday, December 14, 2006

Findings of the Haggis Study Group

The Haggis Study Group was created to investigate, report and recommend strategies and tactics for thinking about the Iraq Study Group's report. Our Chairs, Alexander Haiggis and George "Star Spangled" Schulz, have both advised me that I should continue my current "cut and run" policy regarding commentary on the Iraq Study Group recommendations. That is to say, that I will continue to firmly follow my conviction that people who do not know what they are talking about, for whatever reasons, should refuse to be drawn into hypotheticals requiring aforementioned subject matter knowledge.

Or, to put it more plainly, let's say I was in the hospital as a result of being shot by Dick Cheney. Let's say, as a result of said hospital stay, my bandwidth for reading reports about quagmires, authored by former employees of the father whose son is the creator, producer and director of said quagmire, became quite limited. One would hope that the hospital shootee would follow her self-proclaimed "Haggis Doctrine:" If you haven't mastered the material, shut your cakehole.

Which is what I plan to do.

You're Welcome!

If you want more on it, go here and here:

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Vigilante said...

I'm thinking this is a slick & subtle way to tell me to stick to baseball!

E said...

Ha Ha! It's my not so slick way of saying, "Keep it comin', Vigilante!" 'Cause I do NOT have this one covered in the least! Even if people don't agree with your assessment, they'll at least be treated to some good old fashioned debate.

Vigilante said...

I think you have IT all covered, E.