Sunday, November 05, 2006

Rescue Me From Denis Leary's Ass

I am loving watching Rescue Me via netflix. It's a show, on FX I believe, about an NYC fire house and all the crazy characters therein.

This show rocks. I watch The Shield for the unbelievably gripping storylines. I watch Rescue Me for the unbelievably funny and smart dialogue. Every single show has at least three totally on-point, funny, insightful lines that you wish you had said at some point in your life.

My only complaint about the show? That, despite the presence of 3 completely hot young strapping FDNY men, ALL of the sex scenes involve Denis Leary. I mean, I don't begrudge the producer, co-creator and co-writer of this show his moment in the sun as far as bangin' the ladies goes, but do I need to watch it? I swear to god, three times tonight I was like, "Oh dear god, make the bad man stop!" as the camera focused lengthily (har har) on Denis Leary's fluorescent white ass and legs. Now, I am second to no one in the fluorescent whiteness sweepstakes, but I don't go around filming it in full-on, on-the-case, gettin'-it-on 2.5 minute sequences when Eva Longoria is also available on the show, do I? Hell no.

So. I say this to Denis Leary: Your show is awesome. You are funny, even though I always thought you weren't and I really couldn't stand you back in high school when all of my meathead boyfriends loved your Angry Irish Masshole shtick. But you are indeed funny on this show, and it is well-written.

So how about not pulling a Dennis Franz every freakin' week, huh? How about you just go home and count your money and not make me watch your butt. Please? No offense, Denis, but seeing you naked is a wicked pissah.

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