Thursday, November 30, 2006

Happiness Is In The Eye of the Booger Holder

Yesterday Bambina and I set up a tent under the dining room table. We got her Dora the Explorer sheet and put one end on the table under books, and stretched the bottom end out to her little activity table. She was having such a great time under there, just as I remember doing when I was a kid.

We started talking about what makes us happy. I told her that being her mama made me happy. She told me that "the sun" and "the moon" make her happy. I asked her, "What else makes Bambina happy?" She put her finger up her nose, pulled out a wee gift and proudly and delightedly announced, "My boogers make me happy!!"


Vigilante said...

An American Girl

Beach Bum said...

Awesome, I miss how the really simple things in life can make you happy. My kids have to remind at times. Great story!