Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Boater Voter

Many tears were shed at the polling place yesterday by Bambina. She's usually a pretty cool cat when it comes to her lack of tantrums. She is definitely willful, but not nastily or embarrassingly so. She just wants what she wants and if it doesn't happen she dissolves into tears. Big, rolling-down-her-face, gimme-sympathy-you-big-rotten-mommy tears, but generally never kicking or screaming, thank god. Anyway, the drama went a little something like this once we entered the polling station after me getting her all psyched up for "going to vote":

Bambina: Where water?

Me: Water? What water?

B: Water! Water! Where water?! (eyes welling up)

Me: Sweet Girl, I don't know what you mean. Can you show me what you mean? Do you want a drink? We can get a drink in the car as soon as Mommy's done voting.

B: (Tears spilling over) Mama! Water! Boat on water! Where water?! Boat on water!

Me: Boat on wa...? Oh, sweet girl, it's Vote. With a va-va-vee. Not boat with a ba ba bee. Va va vote. There aren't any boats here, just...(oh dear god, help me out here...)...these "I Voted!" stickers! Would you like a sticker!? What a super sticker!!!

B: I Boated sticker! (little excited laugh through a face full of tears)

Crisis averted. Back to smooth sailing.

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S said...

Agh, that's heartbreaking! Can you imagine? I thought we were taking a day trip at sea and somehow we end up in this school cafeteria.