Friday, November 17, 2006

Wear Your Seatbelt

It's time for my annual November 17th post wherein I relate the story of how I almost died in a car accident in high school because I was not wearing a seat belt. I think I was too busy to put one on, or too cool to interrupt a conversation to wear it, or too full of the "King of the World," I-am-invincible attitude that makes all adolescents unbearable.

In any case, I lived because my head smashed into the console and the windshield 1/2 an inch shy of shattering my skull. Sheer, dumb luck, y'all. Nothing else. So, although it sounds like such an 80's exhortation along the lines of Mr. T saying, "Don't do drugs, fool! Stay in school!" and Nancy Reagan visiting the Drummond household on Diff'rent Strokes to "Just say no," it's still worth saying:

Wear your seatbelt. All the time.


Vigilante said...

Always do, even if I have to let go of the sterring wheel as I roll down the block.

E said...