Sunday, October 23, 2005

Withdrawal Watch 2005

Okay, let's pretend I'm running a pool on the Harriett Miers nomination to the US Supreme Court. And let's pretend that I'm calling it: she will withdraw by Friday COB of this week.

Who's with me?! Who thinks I'm full of it?


Vigilante said...

I'll go far enough to say she won't make it to the Senate Judiciary Committee.


Anonymous said...

It's already Tuesday, E. I'm thinking you're wrong. :)

Vigilante said...

Everyday she's a little stronger.

But, because she has so far to go, I'm sticking by my original outer limits of her candidacy.

But, I'm rooting for Harrie. I really am. I consider her (a) damage control and (b) a fitting emblem for Bush's legacy for the next decade.

Once her boss is out of the White House, I will be rooting and joining the rising chorus shaming her to resign from SCOTUS.

Vigilante said...

You win, E!

I'll remember this, the next time you offer anything like a bet or wager.