Thursday, October 06, 2005

Everybody Loves "Everybody Hates Chris"

Yeah yeah, it's on UPN.

But this show...har har har...Rocks.

It's a semi-autobiographical show about Chris Rock's childhood in the early 80's. It is so incredibly funny and right on. Give it a try. All of the characters are fabulous, especially the young man (did I just channel my mother and call someone "a young man"??) who plays Chris.

Good, good telly.


Joe Tornatore said...

i haven't caught the show yet but he must have been a pip growing up.

Miko said...

I once saw him talking about growing up, and he had me in stitches. He was talking about how he had a grandiose sense of himself, even at the age of 8 or 9. As in, his mother would say to him 'go upstairs and make your bed.' And he would walk off muttering 'Why do I have to make my bed? I'm Chris Rock!'

Thanks for mentioning it. There's zero chance I would have found it on my own!