Monday, October 03, 2005

Posts in the Hopper

Since tomorrow marks the day that The Bambina begins day care (my ambivalence about which is detailed in an earlier post), I may actually have time to blog more. Upcoming topics *scheduled to appear include the following:

My almost jury duty
Customer Dis-service at my bank
The little blue pill that ain't Viagra
Why I love New York (except the Yankees, those b#$%^rds!)
My Dad (does this even need a subtitle?!). Okay, I'll give you two: My Dad: A Day in the Life of Del Boca Vista: 98 Widowed Neighbors Can't Be Wrong.
My Plan to Stalk, Meet, Act Like a Beatles Fan circa 1964--and generally embarrass myself--with Jon Stewart when he tapes The Daily Show in DC this month.

Stay tuned!


Miko said...

Yay! More Del Boca Vista! I love those stories.

Retirement homes are the new communes.

Vigilante said...

Wake me up for the Yankee Smackdown!

Vigilante said...

I know I will be considered very presumptuous on my part to say this - but I gotta:

You need focus.

Here's a research project: The greatest danger exists that Tom Delay will walk away from his current three indictments, ultimately, through the process of plea-bargaining.


(1) The Senate Ethics (Committee or Process) accepts and investigates citizen complaints against it members (True of False).
(2) The House Ethics Committee does not accept citizen complaints unless signed or endorsed by a sitting Member (True or False).
(3) How many citizen complaints have been filed by various groups in the last few years (Names, Specs & Dates)?

If you do a good and conscientious job on this, I will publish, and promulgate, and promote your site!