Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Just Ask Richard Jewell

I was watching Oprah at 1am during my latest bout of insomnia. It was a replay of her recent show where she was rewarding the women who helped catch the first two child predators she has been featuring on her show and website.

It seemed like a great idea: help the FBI track down their most wanted, coldest cases of child kidnapping, rape, torture and murder. Who couldn't get on board with that? Until Oprah said the following (I'm paraphrasing): "Don't be afraid to call your local FBI office if you even THINK one of these men is your neighbor. If they aren't the right person, then they have nothing to worry about from the FBI..."

Um, Oprah? Are you on drugs?! Of course I wouldn't mind the FBI coming into my home, tearing up my things, opening my drawers, reading my personal materials and naming me a Person of Interest in a child predator crime! After all, once they find out I'm not the right person, they'll be sure to restore my reputation as publicly as they maligned it. Right?

IMHO, this is one more piece of evidence that the real cultural divide in our country is not racial but economic. Only a person who lives in a state of total protection from an FBI home invasion--whether white or black--would say, "Just call! If you aren't the guy, you have nothing to worry about."


Anonymous said...

Or ask OJ.

I'm confused, would that be racial
(because he was wrongly arrested) or economic(because he was wrongly acquitted)?

But, yeah, I agree with you that Oprah's statement was one of those "Huh? What did she just say?" moments.

Joe Tornatore said...

a jewel of a story. i was just invited to go on a promotional tour for a book and one of the stops is Oprah.