Tuesday, October 18, 2005

O No! Naked John Lennon

This photos was just named the top magazine photo ever. Wow. I don't know. I always found it to be kind of creepy. Like, why is she fully clothed and he is fully naked in the fetal position? When was the last time the man ate a nice big sandwich with fries? When was the last time she gave herself a VO5 hot oil hair treatment? There is just something so....off...about this photo that the only way I could have described it as my younger self would be, "It gives me that 'bad touch' feeling in my tummy that Mom says I should always tell her about if a grown-up makes me feel that way."

But that's just me. Perhaps you like your hippies naked, emaciated and writhing on the floor...


1 comment:

Raine said...

Oh my Gawd.

I've gone blind.