Thursday, October 06, 2005

Harriet Miers: Supreme Court Straw Man

Okay. Did anyone see this coming?! The President has nominated his own counsel to the highest court in the land. Interesting.

The Wall Street Journal says that her lack of judicial experience is not a factor. After all, she has represented real people as clients and therefore may be best qualified to understand cases involving real people. Y'all: her previous clients include Microsoft and The President of the United States! Yes indeed, a real populist is our Harriet.

My personal conspiracy theory is that Karl Rove has no notion whatsoever that Harriet Miers will sit on the Supreme Court. She is being nominated so that the Dems will have to look askance at a nice older lady. After they reject her, they will then be hard pressed to reject a second nominee and therefore look like obstructionists. I'm less interested in Harriet Miers than I am in the actual nominee Rove is cooking up. Why else would this White House pick someone not beloved by conservatives, Hispanics, name another GOP interest group? Believe me, this White House is not nominating "from a position of weakness" as some commentators would have you believe. When was the last time you saw Rove, Cheney and Bush throw in the towel even when they were clearly clearly clearly wrong/caught redhanded/lying?

I rest my case.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely. They are just putting her up to force the Dem's to look bad if they do try and filabuster her. And don't you just like how the other Pub's are starting "against" her and then forming a line to endorce her. The only "good" thing I have to say about this administration is that it knows how to win the politics game (its just such a shame they use it to run the country into the ground).

Vigilante said...

If this appointee pisses off Grover Norquist and makes him apoplexic, who am I to oppose it? Personally, I think Miers is Laura's choice: she just wants "Harry" out of the White House. As for her religion? Hey! Based upon Grover's reaction, I'm very prayerful that this candidate will not withdraw her candidacy.