Thursday, September 18, 2008

Phoning This One In

Some links for you today:

A fantastic critique of Hannity's nuance-free interview with Sarah Palin, noting that he showed the appropriate "deference" the McCain campaign set as a prerequisite for securing interviews with her. Nice to know we live in a country where the media must show deference to be granted the privilege of questioning our public servants.

A post over at 538, perhaps the best polling/stats site out there, on America's worst nightmare: an electoral college tie. It is apparently more probable than you might think:

Do you keep a cell phone in your pocket, gentlemen? Read this. Apparently evidence is now mounting that they cause a drop in sperm counts. Even if you're not interested in this article you should click for the adolescent jollies in seeing the word "gonads" appear on CNN.

That's all for this morning. We're doing our Dana Farber marathon walk this weekend. Look for photos next week of Team Haggis tearin' it up!

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