Friday, September 26, 2008

The McCain Week In Review

Let's review this "steady hand," shall we? "Earlier statement" refers to remarks within the past 10 days.

Earlier Statement: "The fundamentals of the economy are strong."
This week: "We are in a crisis."

Earlier Statement: We should fire SEC Chair Chris Cox.
This week: He's a "good man."

Earlier Statement: I oppose the AIG bailout.
This week: I support it.

Earlier Statement: I'm going to suspend my campaign and return to Washington. Country First!
This week: By "suspend" I mean continue to run TV ads, continue to appear on TV, continue to have my surrogates on talk shows, and continue to raise money.

Earlier Statement: I will stay in Washington until a compromise is reached.
This week (Today): I will attend the debate now that there is a "framework" for a proposal.

Seriously, McCain supporters. Seriously. Are you kidding me? Like I say, you don't have to vote for Obama. But please. Are you telling me that this is the style of "leadership" you're looking for? A guy who plays a game of political chicken with perhaps the most serious issue facing our country in a generation? And then has the balls to slam Obama for "political posturing"? I'm at a loss how anyone can think John McCain is fit for office. I'm absolutely astounded that anyone can look at this situation and not see it for what it is.

As the Roanoke Times says:
More than John McCain's poll numbers are slipping. So is his grip on leadership qualities Americans expect in their next president. McCain must have thought he'd look maverickishly presidential when he announced he would suspend his campaign in order to rescue the economy. This, from the same man who last week was so detached from Wall Street's meltdown that he claimed "the fundamentals of the economy are sound." His actions this week confirm he remains out of touch.

McCain claims finally to get it. He said Wednesday he would cancel his ads and appearances, wriggle out of tonight's presidential debate, put his personal ambitions behind duty to country and rush to Washington, D.C. to ... what? ... save the economy?

On the way, though, he dropped by CBS to do damage control after his running mate bombed an interview with Katie Couric on his economic record, of all things, and to meet with a deep-pocket campaign supporter.

Oh, and can we talk about that meeting that John McCain had Bush call?! According to CNN and the NYT, "At the bipartisan White House meeting that Mr. McCain had called for a day earlier, he sat silently for more than 40 minutes, more observer than leader, and then offered only a vague sense of where he stood, said people in the meeting...Still, by nightfall, the day provided the younger and less experienced Mr. Obama an opportunity to, in effect, shift roles with Mr. McCain. For a moment, at least, it was Mr. Obama presenting himself as the old hand at consensus building, and as the real face of bipartisan politics. Instead he [McCain] found himself in the midst of a remarkable partisan showdown, lacking a clear public message for how to bring it to an end."

Experience? Integrity? Country First? As my friend John McEnroe used to say, "You CAN'T be serious!!"

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