Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jews Before News

We had the opportunity to attend a Tot Shabbat last night at one of Bambina's friend's temples. But would we make it home in time for the debate?! What if we got "stuck" there (gasp!) talking to people and having our kid have fun?! What if we missed a single minute of Grandpa McCain telling people what little Obama Sonny Jim "doesn't seem to understand" about staying off his lawn?

You know that adage, "Bros before hos"? Well, in our house it's now "Jews before News." We made the call that missing a part of the debate would be preferable to missing services. Especially since these were our first as a family in--wait for it--two full years. When talking timelines, I always forget the fact that I was really rather quite ill even before my transplant, so October 2006 was really the last time I was functioning as a somewhat normal member of society, and doing things like going to services, going to libraries, and wearing things other than sweatpants.

So we went to the kiddie services, which involve a lady with a guitar and mini challahs and lots of kids jumping around and singing while the parents hang out and sing too. Bambina's friend and her mom were there with her newborn. So I'm doubly glad we went so we could help her out by taking care of the 4 year old so she could handle the baby. I'm also doubly glad we went because Bambina had an AWESOME time. She and her friend (let's call her Sophia) were dancing around, rolling on the floor to the music and laughing those full-belly kiddie laughs that are also music. Then she wanted some grape juice at the Kiddush. I said, "go ahead and get some." And--Bambina shyness alert--she went and did it without me! Just walked up and asked the lady for it! I looked at the BBDD like, "Is this happening? Are you seeing what I'm seeing?"

I also liked that there were a couple kids of color there, which is something I'm rather sensitive to. I know the Jewish community is largely white, but I can't see joining a temple where my kid is the only non-white child. I'd even take a temple where there were adults of color. But I'm not joining a place that is 100% white simply because you have to try real hard in this day and age to not know interracial couples, so if there are exactly NONE in a 600 family community, that doesn't feel right to me. Which is just my humble opinion, but my opinion nonetheless.

Anyhoo, we obviously got home well before the debate, largely because Bambina and Sophia were starting to lie down on the floor together and say "Good night" to each other, which told us it was time to roll out. But we didn't rush. After all, the kids were having so much fun. And you should never put your news before your Jews.

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Utah Savage said...

I'm betting for you tonight it will be jews before news. Happy New Year! Is that right. I don't know how to spell Rosh Hashanah. Well, I didn't get spell check redlined. That might be it!