Sunday, September 14, 2008

Let's Call It What It Is

Okay. I'm going to "go there." It's time to call it what it is--or very well could be.

Imagine a government regime in which the ruler consistently repeats lies about the opposition and about the state of the nation, even in the overwhelming face of evidence to the contrary. When the media of that country points out the lies, the ruler demonizes and dismisses the media. The ruler feels no obligation whatsoever to appear before the media, to provide sit-down interviews that may be deemed unfriendly or contentious, or to provide an explanation for why he is boldly continuing to repeat assertions that have long been discredited by all respected sources. In breathtaking arrogance, the ruler even misrepresents the findings of, an organization dedicated to ensuring truth in political advertising! The ruler makes personal attacks upon the patriotism of those who oppose him. The ruler manages to stay somewhat above the fray because he sends surrogates to make the most outrageous claims--or he puts them on television in heavy rotation. When asked about the dishonest conduct of his campaign, a representative says simply, "We are running a campaign to win and we are not much concerned with what the media filter has to say." And that's a direct quote, folks.

So tell me. In what country does this political figure reside? Somewhere in Eastern Europe? Somewhere in post-colonial Africa?

Something to think about. That's all I'm saying.

You don't have to vote for Obama. But you do have to really think about what style of governing you are requesting (and you ARE requesting it) when you pull the lever for McCain. McCain himself said on Thursday night that the voters will determine in November what kind of campaigns they want. He said it in no uncertain terms on national TV. If he wins, his means are justified. And all the people who advised him on those means will follow him to the White House where you can be sure their winning strategy will be put toward governing. You will get precisely the government that you have requested and approved by pulling that lever for McCain.

In other words, would you hire this person to run your company, knowing what you know about his tactics for securing the job? Would you? Would you want the face and representation of your company to be someone who flagrantly wins at all costs--even the cost of destroying his decades-long reputation for integrity? Would you give this guy and his staffers your house keys? Would you enthusiastically vouch for him with all of your friends and feel like your reputation would be safe? And if you wouldn't, why would you allow him to take the reins of something you hold so dear? Even if you didn't want to hire the other candidate for the job, wouldn't you just reopen the search?

The McCain campaigns says this election is not about the issues, but about character and personality. I wholeheartedly disagree with that, but even if I did, McCain would still not get my vote. If you truly though Bill Clinton was a disgrace to the Office of the Presidency "because of the lying, not the sex" then now is the time to be consistent. John McCain would therefore be a disgrace too, since he's already lying with a shocking ease before he's even won the office.

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An excellent piece, E! So fine, I'm going to link it. All the best!