Sunday, September 02, 2007

He's Just Not That Into Us

I'm trying to think of a word that means, "frightening but not surprising; in fact, totally expected but scary and distressing nonetheless." Any ideas?

Perhaps reading this article detailing Bush's response to why the Iraqi Army was disbanded (a key element in developing the Iraqi insurgency)will help us all to conjure up the vocabulary: "Yeah, I don't remember."

We're not talking about the usual "I don't recalls," and "not to my knowledges" used by politicians when seeking to dodge a question without technically committing perjury. We're talking about a real, bona fide "Yeah, I don't remember" to one of the most fundamental contributing factors to the now-quagmire-like situation in Iraq.

Bush's response reminds me of the times I'd get busted for something during childhood and I'd offer a very quick, unreflective "I'm sorry." I used to hate her for it, but my Mom would often reply, "You're not sorry." It sounded harsh, but she was right: My "I'm sorry" really meant, "I'm sorry I just got caught." In this case, Bush's "I don't remember" actually means "I don't care; not enough to have an understanding of it in my brain, and not enough to even fake an answer."

No indeed, Bush is not stupid. He's just not that interested.

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Vigilante said...

He's been busy working on his legacy as a war-time president. It's been hard work.