Sunday, September 02, 2007

Clay Ball!

I am about to admit to something so outrageous, so unforgivable, so deplorable that I almost can't wait to blurt it just to get it finally out in the open.

Friends, I think No-Hitter games are boring as all hell.

The BBDD was at the game last night (which means 'Baby Daddy' to those just joining us and who don't yet know that said BBDD dislikes being discussed on blogs except in sotto voce and in silhouette, and even then would kind of prefer to not be discussed even among people who read blogs or associate with those who do. He's like Dolly Parton's husband Carl. They've been married since she was, like, 14 and to this day no one knows what the guy even looks like. Yeah, it's exactly like that. Especially if you consider that I have boobs that, much like Carl, also have not been seen since I was 14!).

Anyway, BBDD texted "No Hitter!" during the game. I texted back, "Yawn!" He somehow finds it in his heart to put up with this perceived nonsense of mine, and I thank him for that. But consider my perspective: I go to ball games to see balls hit by baseball bats. They don't have to be out of the park; I'm not one of those fans feeding the steroid frenzy in search of "wow!" moments. I just kind of want to see a man at bat hit the ball, run a base or two, moment of suspense to see if he'll be safe or out, next batter up. I like stuff to happen, and for me "stuff" means hits and runs. I would rather watch a Sunset Tan or The Hills marathon while having my nose hairs pulled than watch a no-hitter. It just doesn't do it for me.

That said, big ups to Clay Buchholz for bringing us back to 5 games up. Even if it means this pseudo-fan finds him boring. ;)

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Vigilante said...

Go Bosox!