Friday, September 28, 2007

Limbaugh Should Be Imused

A better-than-I-could-have-written-it piece at Carpetbagger on the Rush Limbaugh outrage (wherein he called military personnel who oppose the Iraq War "phony soldiers"). Rush Limbaugh, as we have said before ad nauseam (and I do mean nauseam), is a disgusting embarrassment of a human being. And I mean that in the kindest, tenderest way, Rush, seeing as you served your country so bravely as a non-phony soldier.....oh, whoops! No you didn't! My bad.

Anyone want to weigh in on why this man still has a platform? Can there really be Americans who will not find his remarks to be a moral outrage? How is Imus fired but Limbaugh employed? Riiight. It must be the liberal media's control of our airwaves.


Vigilante said...


A stunning headline. Every time I need to be hit with a stun gun, E., I know where to come!

Beach Bum said...

I find Limbaugh, multiple deferment Cheney, the non-serving but pro war Romney boys, and a whole host of other chickenhawks leading up to the Mad Master Ferret Bush himself and his children a curious and tragic testament on the decay of our society. The right wingnuts and wacked out Bible Thumpers like to bray about gay marriage and other social issues as examples of the collapse of the Republic but when only a tiny portion of the population is doing the dieing for the the banal rich, lazy middle class, and the lip service patriots in the working class I find that a more chilling and depressing example of decay.

Beach Bum said...

Sorry, I got carried away. But the reason he has a platform is that there are millions in this country who hide behind his only slightly disguised hate of anything not controlled or owned by the elite. He plays on fears and bigoted attitudes and makes it easy for those who listen to him to be lip service patriots like himself who never had the balls to serve the country. I believe that is how he has a platform.
I'm very ashamed to admit it now but I use to listen to him but I do have something of a description of the man. He is in a sense a bully and given what he said about soldiers opposing the war, then backing off after the shit hit the fan, a coward. Throw in some social Darwinism, a massive but easily bruised ego, and I believe in the back of his mind an anger more akin to what a spoiled child does when it does not get his way and that is my description of old Limbaugh.