Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Seize This, Michael

Right wing nut Michael Savage raised the asinine notion on his radio show that "the Democrats" had something to do with Chief Justice Roberts' seizure. No, I'm not kidding. His cockamamie--and slanderous--theory is helped along by a complete misquotation of Chuck Schumer and a horde of unbelievably soft-minded listeners who perhaps don't have the critical thinking skills to recognize unmitigated nonsense when they hear it.

Yeah, cause the Dems are so powerful. Note how we were able to immediately pull troops out of Iraq, impeach Bush, fire Gonzalez, pass ethics legislation, stop Bush from decimating child health insurance coverage, and punish Rove and Cheney for their misdeeds. Yeah. And now we can cause seizures too.

Or, to put it another way, if "the Democrats" (which is who specifically, by the way, Michael?) were that powerful, Savage wouldn't have a show on which to feature his syphilitic ramblings to begin with.


Vigilante said...

I keep hear of this name, 'Savage', but I have no idea of who he is. Must be because I have 'High-Sensibility TV'?

E said...

You are one of the lucky ones, Vigilante!!

Vigilante said...

No, I'm am not, E. There's High Sensibility TeeVee for everyone!