Saturday, April 28, 2007

Yes, Madam!

I've been awake since 4:40am as a result of a Bambina bad dream. She is now sleeping peacefully and I am not. I was cursing my inability to get back to sleep until I read this.

I just can't believe my great good fortune so early in the morning, delightful piece on a (perhaps just the first of a series?) member of the Bush administration, dedicated to abstinence and fidelity, outed as a customer of the DC Madam who is on trial. I can't wait for her next announcement. Like the saying goes, if you aren't prepared to defend it publicly, you shouldn't be doing it.

As jocular as I sound about this, it is extremely depressing and ominous, if you consider that (if it isn't already crystal clear to everybody and their mother), the overriding theme of the GWBush administration is "Hypocrisy," and that this is just one more small element of a theme: no accountability, no integrity, no shame in the service of power.

Some days I just feel like we are doomed...and not just because I'm on 4 hours of sleep.

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