Saturday, April 21, 2007

Movin' On Up...

and Over.

I've made the executive decision that the chronicles of my ongoing bone marrow situation should probably come from Fantastic Aplastic.

My reasoning is three-fold:

1. I was re-reading some posts and it was so bizarre mentally to swing from "My Dad Died" to "What's Up With Karl Rove?" Or from "I'm Getting a Stem Cell Transplant So I Don't Die" to "Tommy Thompson is So Pro-Semitic He's Actually Anti-Semitic! What a Card!"

2. Sometimes people may just want their daily dose of cynicism and rush-to-judgment that I hope the Haggis provides, without having to weed through my interminable "you show me your bone marrow, I'll show you mine" posts.

3. I am thinking that having one more location to check for updates might offer you a small chance to further avoid work.

So from here on out, go here for my bone marrow stories (although I can't promise I won't cross post anything pertaining to potty humor) and right here for the usual smorgasbord of mishegas.

1 comment:

St said...

Hmm, I like finding all of you right here. I'll tell you the problem I've found. Cross-posting. You really want to do it but you start to feel like your mom because you know some people read both blogs so you are telling them the same story again. So one blog begins to get neglected. Do what works for ya, but CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED!!