Thursday, April 05, 2007

Congratulations, Sam Fox!

Imagine my surprise and delight when I learned that the President is recess-appointing Sam Fox to be Ambassador to Belgium! I mean, it's a bit curious, considering she's British, but whatever. And I wasn't aware that she had any electoral or political experience short of being Top of the Pops and Mistress of the Mammaries as a "Page Three Girl" and one-hit wonder from the 80's. But still. You've got to give it to the President this time around. He's reaching out beyond his usual bunch of major-donor cronies for appointments. He's choosing someone who has no political baggage, say, from the last election. He's working within the system of checks and balances since his last nominee got pulled for being part of the Swift Boat Veteran Liars for Truth. What was that guy's name again?....Sheldon? Stan?...

Oh. Wait a minute. Oh. I guess the President is recess-appointing The Other Sam Fox? I'm too taken aback by it to say anything (not to mention disappointed that Samantha Fox wasn't going to be representin' for the US in Belgium), but you can go here to read more about the ongoing malfeasance of the boob in the White House:
Bog Geiger


Vigilante said...

What must this preznit do to get impeached?

St said...

Can anyone donate marrow? What does it cost to the donor? I've given a lot of thought to being a living donor.