Thursday, June 23, 2005

Fantasy Supreme Court Nominee

It's just like Fantasy Football, where you pick your Dream Team.

Who would you pick for the next Supreme Court Justice? The Wall Street Journal has the real-life shortlist at 5:

Michael McConnell from the Denver 10th Circuit Court of Appeals (major issue: wants to overturn Roe v. Wade)

Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez (major issue: seen as too liberal by conservatives for not being tough enough on Roe v. Wade; would be first Latino appointment to the Court)

John Roberts of the DC Circuit has spent most of his career in private practice and therefore has limited documentation of his views. (Major issue: currently sitting on a three-judge panel considering the government's appeal of a ruling that the Geneva Conventions apply to Gitmo).

Harvie Wilkinson of Fourth Circuit in VA and Michael Luttig, also of the Fourth Circuit. Both conservative---duh---and both supportive of the President having the power to deny legal recourse to US Citizens detained as enemy combatants.

Should be an interesting nomination process...

In the meantime, who would you--in your wildest dreams--like to see on the Court? Mario Cuomo? Bruce Babbitt? Sam Nunn? Lance Ito? Joseph Wapner?

Let's hear your choices!


Vigilante said...

On my site, one member is pushing Ken Starr!

Who else could be more appropriate if Bolton goes in to the UN?

kingoftherabbits said...

What's Dan Quayle up to these days; he'd be a sterling addition.

Edgar Newt said...

What about T. "Teddy" Olsen? Partner at Gibson Dunn & Crutcher. Wife died in 9/11. Conservative credentials up the ying-yang.

Or what about PJ, of Utah? I hear he is conservative -- and has a law degree. I vote for him.

In reality, I vote for Chemerinsky. It would be soooooo much fun watching him list from memory USSC precedents to Thomas, politely instructing him that he is completely wrong and internally inconsistent in the majority of his opinions. [Assuming Thomas would even speak from the bench, that is....]

Vigilante said...

Law degree?

That's a criterion?