Thursday, June 30, 2005

Barking Dog Update

The barking has ceased. The note must have worked. The neighbors have passed the noise test. But will they pass the psycho dog test?

I bumped into the owner (who just returned from a state dept. stint overseas) yesterday while the bambina was walking me up and down our street by one finger (which she insists on holding onto even though she is clearly walking and balancing of her own volition). I asked her about the dogs, who seemed very well-behaved. She said, "Well, they're a little rambunctious these days. The two large ones are street dogs from Pakistan, so they are having a little trouble adjusting."

You think?!!

"Street dogs." Hmmm... Or should we say "feral"?! No sooner had she said, "Yeah, they don't really like other dogs," than one walked down the street and they went absolutely wild--barking, growling, jumping, straining at the leash--all the usual signs that you should get your 13-month old baby away from the dingoes.

So from the distance that I immediately put between the bambina and Cujo I and II, the owner apologized and said, "Well, hopefully they'll calm down soon so your daughter can pet them." I said, "Sounds great!" but I was thinking, "not a freakin' chance in hell, lady."

I now truly believe the old adage that Good Fences Make Good Neighbors.
Big, high, double-reinforced fences.

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