Sunday, June 12, 2005

Caution: Contains Morons

Sign on the McDonald’s menu board at LAX: “New Apple and Walnut Salad only $4.99 plus tax. Contains nuts.”

Are people so stupid and litigious that this needed to be said?! “Contains nuts”??! Why not say “contains apples”? I could be deathly allergic to apples, you know. And god forbid I had a reaction and decided to sue McD’s for a lack of ingredient transparency on the grounds that only a reckless and wanton disregard for public safety would cause a company to not alert the consumer that an Apple and Walnut Salad contained apples. I mean, after all, they took the time to mention the nuts. It’s pure negligence to omit the mention of apples, is it not?

They'll be hearing from my lawyer...

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Anonymous said...

Leave it to E to notice something I have missed in my numerous daily AM trips to McDonald's. Yeah, I'm part of the fast food problem. But at least I don't sue about it.

Keep the funny posts coming. I love you and I love your blog.