Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Urbi et Orbi et Haggi

In this, my inaugural Haggis post under Pope Benedict XVI, I will simply share the thoughts of my dear "lapsed Catholic" friends:

"They thought Pope John Paul II was conservative; Pope Benedict makes John Paul look like Walter Mondale."

"Wow. What better way to redeem the church from the stain of years of child sexual abuse and cover ups--by electing a guy from the Hitler Youth." (Ed note: The Haggis is well aware that his service was compulsory and that he deserted the German army. I'm just relaying some quotes for you...)

"You didn't REALLY think we'd elect a black pope, did you?"

Any other thoughts? Me, I'm showing uncharacteristic restraint by shutting my cakehole on topics about which I know very little...

1 comment:

SquareSlant said...

This is where the talking heads mess with the public. Any thinking person would have known the new Pope would be another conservative, but too many listened to the talking heads that were all over the news - pushing their agandas and started hoping for a change. To me that was just silly. Anyone that was surprised by this new pope was living in a fantasy land.

I'm niether a fan nor a hater of the Catholic Church but can respect, even though I do not agree, that they don't change their thinking because it is not popular. In today's world that takes balls!