Thursday, April 28, 2005

Goin' to the Chapel...

Blog posts may be slim pickins till Sunday because I am at a dear friend's wedding in Atlanta.

He is standing right behind me as I write this, so I want to tell America what a hot, sexy, rockin' smart, charming, deee-licious---and humble---man he is. His name is Notorious B and I remember deciding that he and I would be great friends after he and I ate 25 cent ice cream cones in Athens, GA at Hodgsons, one of those old-time "soda fountain/lunch counter in the back of the pharmacy" places. We shared ice cream cones and an issue of Cosmo and discussed "Women: Friend or Foe?" We agreed: FOE. Except me. Big time friend.

But the real reason I love Notorious B is that he is quite simply Genius At Work. He is a lawyer who writes screenplays that win awards, who makes me laugh and who has the most astonishing command of the language of anyone I've ever met. He really is going to be famous someday, and he has promised me a plum role as Crack Ho #2 in his first film...and I'll only have to sleep with three key grips to get it. (Only three! Sweeet!) So this is your advance notice to join Netflix and get that queue ready for my silver screen debut.

Okay--so: short story long~Notorious B--dear friend, smart, funny guy. And astonishingly attractive for multiple reasons--most particularly because he is smart enough to be marrying a smart, funny and take-no-crap woman who doesn't mind him having a female friend who calls him deee-licious on a public blog. ;)

Reports from the wedding to follow.


misterfed said...

I don't know why you'd want to be content with grips. They call them "Best Boys" for a reason, you know.

cogentnotion said...

They may be "best", but their still "boys" and the Grips know what it "key".

cogentnotion said...

That would be "is" key, so distracted by my "key" thoughts, I misstype. Oops.

Raine said...

It's spring; wedding season.

Can't wait until fall. Everyone knows what happens in the fall.