Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Dutch Ovens, Etcetera

I have received a few emails asking for a definition of "dutch oven." Although I hate to be indelicate (yeah right), I will offer the definition in the interests of my readers' personal edification.

A Dutch Oven is when a guy "passes gas" in the bed and then thinks it is funny to pull the covers up over your head so you are forced to smell it. I say "a guy" because I think we can all agree that it is less likely that your mom has dutch ovened your dad rather than vice versa.

There. I could be more descriptive, but I am trying to take as high a road as one can when discussing the forced inhalation of connubial flatulence.

In other items for the good of the order, feel free to email me comments/thoughts/questions at SSHaggis at gmail dot com. But be warned: any viagra ads or smutty inappropriate personal comments--and we're gonna fight.

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