Saturday, April 16, 2005

My Dream for America

The bambina and I were in Georgetown today getting haircuts. As we walked back to the car we saw John Edwards with his wife and little son out for a walk. They seemed like such a nice family, and I have no other way to say it than “John Edwards is a hottie.” Seriously. He’s a good looking man; all-American in that Beach Boy way. Tanned but not fried. Fit but not chiseled. Attractive but not prettyboy. And most importantly, he is clearly in love with and by all accounts faithful to his wife. Ironically, as a woman, I find fidelity to his partner to be a man's most attractive quality. As soon as Mrs. Edwards completes chemotherapy they plan to move to Chapel Hill, but in the meantime—and with all respect to Mrs. Edwards—I’m going to take the bambina strolling in Georgetown a lot more often.

Some news sources and opponents have attempted to marginalize Senator Edwards because of his youthful look and smokin' hot runner's body. That is patently un-American, in both letter and spirit. Why? Because superficial appearance is what America does better than any other country in the world. What could be more patriotically American than being a good looking leader?!! That's right friends; I want my daughter to grow up in an America where every man, woman and child can find at least ONE politician to have a crush on. I want my daughter to never know a time before politicians used Crest WhiteStrips, got Mystic Tans, and did not need to add extra holes to their belts due to the chicken-and-peas dinners so ubiquitous in the life of a Member of Congress.

We deserve an America where politicians are easy on the eyes.
We deserve an America where politicians agonize over cellulite, just like the rest of us.
We deserve an America where even good looking people feel that they have a chance to succeed in public service.

This is my dream for America.


Miko said...

I find fidelity to his partner to be a man's most attractive quality

You got that right. The secure, family-man vibe is wildly attractive!

Vigilante said...

JRE wants to end the class war and bring peace to One America.

That's my dream for America.

Raine said...

What if politicians are, by nature, genetically ugly?

Sometimes there's a fluke and a good one gets in, but most of the time, politicians are there because of brains, or ambitions. Not looks.