Thursday, February 24, 2005

Hung Like a Norse

Friends, I just came across an article from The Guardian from October 2004. The article discusses an academic work of tremendous import to our world. It is an ouevre that will join works such as Marx's Communist Manifesto, Euclid's Elements, Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations as a truly epochal work that will reverberate geo-socio-politically for generations.

I will let the first paragraph of the newspaper article speak for itself:

"Being hung like a Norse was key to social hierarchy and being considered a real man in 10th-century Icelandic society, according to a new paper, Size Matters: Penile Problems in Sagas of Icelanders, presented to the International Medieval Congress in Leeds, England, this week" by Carl Phelpstead.

Thank G-d for this, um, seminal work. One can only begin to imagine the literally *tens* of people's lives that have been affected by this paper. I myself have often pondered not only Icelandic Sagas in general but whether the protagonists in those sagas had performance and size anxiety regarding their genitalia. And finally someone has answered this most pressing question. On behalf of a grateful nation, I thank you, Dr. Phelpstead.

Now--about that cure for cancer....

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SquareSlant said...

Hmmmm...Cure for Cancer or men's large genitalia....Hold on...I'm thinking...Ok you are right - Let's move on to the cure for cancer.