Thursday, February 24, 2005

Dean = Gingrich?

Here is a link to an article by my old grad school professor, for whom I maintain an ongoing non-sexual, non-political, 100%-intellectual crush. He is one of the smartest and most well-read people I have ever met, and certainly holds the singular honor of being my best experience under the tutelage of a Republican.

Jim Pinkerton Rocks.

Jim Pinkerton at Newsday


Vigilante said...

Readable piece until one gets to here:

Yet Beltway Democrats hate to lose their grip, even if it's a grip on losing. Sen. Joe Biden, another windbag in the Al Gore/John Kerry tradition, said over the weekend of Dean, "No party chairman has ever made a bit of difference in the public perception. ... He's not going to have a policy role." For his part, Dean seems OK with that - most of the time. "Most of the policy pronouncements are going to be coming from the leadership of the Congress," he declared, "not from me." Note the "most."

To consider, even for a moment, Dean to be a Democratic Gingrich, or to put Gore in the Kerry-Biden wing of the Party, one has to be looking through a pair of severely scratched glasses.

Vigilante said...

Sorry, I should have added

I was too hasty....