Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Political: KOTV--Keep Out The Vote

I forgot to tell you about the other outrageous comment I heard at the GOP convention in New York City. I was speaking with someone about the importance of registering people to vote and getting them to the polls. To which the guy replied:

"No way. We're Republicans, and we are all about *depressing* turnout. By their very nature, registration drives register mostly poorer Democratic voters. So when fewer people vote, Republicans win. And what depresses turnout? Negative campaigning! It's our silver bullet every time." See what you can find out when you pretend to be a rich sorority alum who thinks poor people are just lazy? {I eagerly await the 5am call from my agent telling me about my Emmy nomination announced by television eminence grises Sela Ward and Kelsey Grammer.]

Short Story Long: Apparently, "GOTV" is a four-letter word in the GOP. And apparently, it appears that I am not in the running for even an Emmy nomination, much less the award itself, because of the minor technicality that disqualified me...ie, that I am not actually on the television in a legitimate program at this time. Hair splitters!!!

Perhaps I could protest to the IOC and Debra Messing will be forced to give hers back and give it to me?

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